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South America - Bolivia and Peru Trip in December 2003

Santa Cruz

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  The Basilica Menor de San Lorenzo is a  major landmark on the corner of the main plaza
in Santa Cruz, originally founded in 1605, the present structure dates from 1845 but wasn't consecrated until 1915.

 Santa Cruz' very tropical main plaza provides a great place to relax, for both visitors and locals

Here in the plaza you can kick back and watch folks, have your shoes shined, and be asked to buy everything under the sun.
In the photo two above you can spot the altiplano woman (far right side) showing her handicrafts to one of the locals.

The Santa Cruz zoo has a collection of colourful South American birds, mammals and reptiles and
features endangered species such as tapirs, pumas, jaguars, sloths and even anteaters.

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